Hello world!

Welcome to your new Pressible site! This is an example of a Post, the building block of Pressible sites. Pressible is built on WordPress – we think this makes authoring content fast and intuitive.

For example, to delete this Post and create your own, go to your Dashboard (there is a link in the footer below). Under the Posts section, click Add New. Give your Post a title, content, and publish it! To organize your site, assign Posts to Categories (which will display as Topics) and describe them with Tags.

When possible, your Pressible site features your most recent and most relevant content. This allows you to focus on authoring and sharing content – whether you’re an individual, a small group, or large organization. Pressible makes what would normally be a lonely blog or website a powerful publishing tool, leveraging the network to bring more people to your site.

Thanks for joining Pressible, and good luck.

– The Pressible Team

Tips to get you started:

Make Posts and create Categories (Topics), not Pages. Though you can make new Pages, they will likely not be the most powerful way to feature your site’s content.

Use Gravatar to create your User image. Invite others to join Pressible to author content on your site (add them under Dashboard UsersAdd New).

If you select the “Featured” Category for a Post it will remain the first post on your homepage as you create additional Posts.

If you allow additional Users to create Posts, they will appear on the People page of your site. Any Pressible User who comments on a Post on your site will also appear on the People page, though they will never appear as a Contributor on a Topic.

By default, your Posts will be public when they are published. Make sure to save a Post as a Draft if you want to keep it private.

During the current experimental roll-out of Pressible services, we aim to make exciting changes to the design and structure of Pressible sites – but all of your content (and links) will remain unchanged. Also, you can download your content from the Dashboard at any time – by using WordPress, Pressible makes it easy to port your content to a different location on the web.

For more help, check the Pressible FAQs.

About evanfeist

Evan Feist (lead instructor) has been composing, arranging, teaching, and singing a cappella music and vocal percussion for more than 10 years. An alumnus of the Conservatory of Music’s undergraduate studio composition program at Purchase College, he is currently pursuing his second master’s degrees in music education at Columbia University’s Teachers College. He has created and/or managed several successful groups, including Choral Pleasure (honored by A Cappella Innovations), the Purchase College Soul Voices (directed by Pete Malinverni), and the Plainview-Old Bethpage JFK Honors Choir. He has also arranged, produced, and recorded for many of the nation’s premier vocal groups and has taught a cappella and vocal percussion workshops throughout the tri-state area.
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